Dry Eye Vitamins

to all those that suffer from dry eyes


Dr. Lange and his flagship the Lange Eye Institute

Dr. Lange and his flagship the Lange Eye Institute

Dry eye vitamins  site is one of many sites developed by Dr. Michael Lange an  optometrist with Lange Eye Care and Associates and Fortifeye Vitamins.  This site is developed  to educate the dry eye patient on natural dry eye treatments that they may not be aware of.  Dr.  Michael Lange has over 20 years of clinical experience  dealing with dry eye syndrome. Dr. Lange is a pioneer in nutritional eye care and has one of the largest nutritional eye care practices in the country in Florida.  The information  in this site has been used in a very large dry eye practice with impressive results.  Many optometrists and ophthalmologists  fail to mention  the information in this site due to lack of knowledge or  of time in their practices.  Dry eye can be a severe debilitating disease of the ocular surface.  If patients will follow the advice given in this site, many will have significant improvements in their dry eye condition.  This is for educational purposes only and never replaces a comprehensive eye examination with your eye care provider.  This site will also go over specific dry eye vitamins that work.

Please click on some of the educational links in the blogroll to gain more knowledge on natural approaches to eye care.


2 thoughts on “About DRY EYE VITAMINS SITE

  1. I have extremely dry that affect my life tremendously. I have normal tension glaucoma with some vision loss. I have to use cosopt eye drops. I need the best vitimin a and drops I can get for these problems. Many thanks

    • Sheila with glaucoma and dry eye it is crucial to follow your eye docs advice and see the OD or MD frequently for fu visits. With dry eye a woukd highly recommend two triglyceride form omega 3 like Fortifeye super omega. I have had great results adding a grass fed whey protein concentrate ( Fortifeye super protein) one scoop in a smoothie daily along with 6 mg of astaxanthin ( Fortifeye focus). This combination really seems to help dry eye from a nutritional stand point. My favorite lubricating eye drop is oasis tears plus! Don’t forget to hydrate with plenty of spring water. If u are overweight u must loose weight and add s little cardio exercise as long as your PCp allows it. Talk to your current optometrist or ophthalmologist about punctal plugs and amniotic membranes for your dry eye. Keep me posted. Dr Michael Lange

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